Windows Vista Windows sidebar lovers


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If there are any readers who really do like that sidebar, then switch it off and download this (free)
It has several improved functions and more "gadgets"
How much ram do you guys have that you're worried about the sidebar? I love my sidebar. I have 4 gadgets and it takes up 30 mb of ram, not a lot.
You must have a special sidebar.
Mine takes about 500 MB with four standard gadgets.
I have 4 GB now, so it's all good, but it's still a resource whore.
I have the default Vista sidebar with CPU usage, Network meter, and uptime, and it's using 21MB of RAM. There must be something wrong with your install if it's using 500MB...
Or there must be something seriously right with yours.
I checked at work as well, and they range from 250 to 600 mb.