Windows 7 Windows Sidebar overwrites my app....

Is there any way of getting the Vista way of working for the sidebar gadgets? What I want is for them to be always visible (which I can do) but for full screen applications to stop before they get to the edge of the screen - in fact to the left of the gadgets.

the current way of working means that, while the gadgets (e.g. the clock) can be visible, they overwrite part of the underlying window. The only way around that is to resize the window - which is a pain.

So, any help appreciated



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Can you just change the opacity? I'm not quite fully understanding what you mean. Do you want the gadgets always on top?

It;s not that I want them "on top". I want them at the side and always visible, even if my other windows are maximised. So, I want the maximum size of my windows to leave room for the gadgets OUTSIDE of the maximised window.

This is what Vista can do (and does by default). It seems that W7 has moved away from this behaviour.


No one any ideas?

Oh well....

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Gadgets always on top?

how did you get the gadgets to be always on top?

right click on it and select "always on top"

That workaround doesn't work for me :(

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