Windows snaps spontaneously

I've had this issue for a while. I have Windows 7 Ult 64, and it always snaps out of focus. e.g If I'm writing a text in facebook chat, it will break out of foucs, and I'll have to re-click the chat window in order to continue writing. Other example - using Photoshop, while using the lasso tool (polygonal or magnet), it breaks out every time, and closes the unfinished selection for me. I have to start everytime!
On the contrary writing this in chrome makes no trouble for me.

Please help me with this frustration,
Many thanks

Might be a graphic card problem. Try to make sure you have the latest drives and have the latest windows updates installed.

Ok I made an update, but a question:
Could this be because I used to have an in-board video card?


New Member
Is this a laptop? I have experienced thus before when the OS would auto switch to low graphic use causing things to jump around. You might want to change your power level options to Maximum power, which should stop the switch.

Nope, PC. But thanks

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