Windows Sound Recorder

When Windows Vista came out I noticed that there was a new version of the "Sound Recorder" that would not allow you to modify the sound you recorded before saving it. I figured that Windows 7 would revert back to a Sound recorder that was a little more user friendly and allow you to modify the sound you recorded. It didn't.!
I went back to one of my Windows XP PC's can copied the SNDREC32.EXE program from it and placed it on a USB Chip to test it....
It does work on the Windows 7 Professional Operating System, but I get an error message that states "There was an error updating the registery".
How can I get this program to run on my Win-7 PC and not get the error message.?


New Member
Is there a solution to this problem? I am in same predicament as DapperDan.

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