Getting this Error While Fully Connected to the Internet !
Please Help ! :( Screenshot (1).png


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have you synced your machine yet? To do this open the settings charm and then click change pc settings. Next you need to click 'Sync your settings' and I'm pretty sure this is where your problem lies. If your clicking on it for the first time you'll need to 'Trust this machine' which is basically a way of making sure your not a scammer of some sort. Just follow the instructions and you should be fine.
Any problems post back.

the problem is that i had an id of my friend. before loging in windows store with my frndz iD, my id is working fine. but when i loged-in with my friends id it prompt the errror. and then when i tried to login with my own. then the same error appears. !

i think there is an issue with windows store :[ because action center detected an issue at the same time while i loged-in with my firendz iD !
the problem is with my firends id :[

also when i shut my lapi Off and then restart after almost 12 hours. Store is accepting my id smiling :) !

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Hmm... If I'm reading your post correctly then it would seem that you need to make a guest account on your windows installation for your friend to log into.

hmm seems it will work... Will try soon ! :]

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