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Windows Surface

Yep, I saw it. I think it looks pretty good. I posted about it here: http://www.windowsviennaforums.com/microsoft-surface-new-feature-for-vienna-windows-tablet-t-40.html#pid109

Regardless if they add it to Windows Seven/Vienna, I think it will be pretty cool. :)
One of the few Microsoft products that I have ever wanted to try out. I would love to see this technology in restaurants, hotels, stores, and so on.
Even in your home I think it would be nice. Say, you invite some friends, and you want to play a game. The table would become a game table. I also like the idea of choosing what to order there, though I wouldn't eat on that table. :p
You can even share music, photos, videos with a wireless device like Zune, Wireless Digital Cameras and etc. :cool:
Yep. :)

I read in PC world that it should be appearing in T-Mobile stores very soon, and certain hotels. The first versions they say are too expensive for home use.
i like the look of it but what if a component fails? you have to buy a new table NNNNOOOOO!!!! i also cant see them being child friendly its like a tv you hit it hard enough it will break its only a matter of time.
Well, I do suppose you could open up the table, just like a laptop.
Yeah, they open right up. I messed with Surface at the Interop Web 2.0 Expo in NYC a few months ago. Its a very great interface. Very user friendly. They even have apps for hospitals, rental car companies, pretty much anything you can imagine. I definitely want one! And the glass surface is nice and thick, so that should help keep it in one piece. I really hope that that gets as mainstream as the Windows OS itself. Its a very fun piece of hardware.