Windows system restore

I want to restore my system to factory settings.When I purchased my system it has Vista OS installed in it.Later I installed Windows 7 twice.Now if I restore it will Vista be my OS now?
I want windows 7 to be my OS.

Please help


Where did you get your copy of 7? How did you install windows 7? Did you install over top of vista (Upgrade) or a clean install (format) which wipes the drive or erase's the drive of all data.


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If you have Windows 7 installed the latest restoration point will be Windows 7. The questions I ask are,

1. What are you restoring?
2. You don't mean you want to restore your BIOS?

As a note, if you have doubts and uncertainties, it's often better to re-install everything. That way you have a fresh start.


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If the original recovery partition still exists, that would contain Vista and that is what you would normally restore. But if you installed Win7 later, you must have the Win7 installation disc and can use that.

I bought the win7 disc.Actually I had a problem with my system and I formatted it with win7.
Is restoring better or should I format my system again?
Because some say formatting too many times spoils my hard disk,and I had already formatted twice.


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Formatting your disk doesn't destroy it. It's merely a matter of rewriting. Of course, it wears your disk, but moderns disks can take a lot. I wouldn't be concerned about that, we still have disks from 1980's working properly.

But usually it's better to make a clean install than an upgrade. Since you don't seem to be sure of what you have, I would suggest you start on a fresh base; safe copy what you have, and use the Windows 7 installation disc whs mentions.

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