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I just installed Windows 7 a few days back, and I am loving the new features, stability and speed compared to Vista. I upgraded Vista Home Premium to W7 Home Premium, and the process went flawless.

Now I have a strange problem. The new taskbar shows a large icon of the running programs. All icons seem to work correctly, except for the Internet Explorer icon. That icon is a white 'file' icon. See the attached picture.

IE icon problem.JPG

When I toggle between 'locking' and 'unlocking' the program to the taskbar, the icon suddenly appears and then disappears again.

Has this been happening to anyone else? Any suggestions to a solution?

Funny how things seem to solve itself when you keep trying solutions.

I noticed that the icon for Internet Explorer in my Start menu was also generic. Going to the Properties of that shortcut, I was able to change the icon into something else. That solved the problem, and my task bar now shows the new icon (also an Internet Explorer icon, in my case).

So for some reason the upgrade to W7 corrupted my iexplore.exe icons. Weird, but solved.


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I suggest you open the Control Panel (icon view) and then open "Programs and feaures"
Over on the right, select "Turn windows features on and off" Scroll down and turn off IE. Reboot and reenable the IE.
You might then have to repin the IE shortcut to the taskbar.


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If you have the same problem in the future,just delete the IconCache.db from the C:\users\yourusername\AppData\Local

Thanks for the suggestions.

To reghakr, I tried that and it did not solve the problem.

Mine is a Windows 7 64 bit - So what I did was I right clicked on "iexplore.exe" located at C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Internet Explorer, in the right click menu it shows "Pin to Taskbar", choose this and you should be able to see Internet Explorer in your Taskbar.

Regard, Tony Mathews.

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