Windows transformations


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I sometimes watch videos like deleting the program files folder, setting date to crazy big values and breaking win 11/10 every other possible way. In many cases modern windows starts slowly transforming into win 7/XP. Like alt-tab menu from XP, task manager from 7 and other weird things
I wonder why is it happening? I know that in general win 11 is just xp/7 with some new GUIs and that Microsoft has to keep many files same for compatibility. But why would they need to keep something like old alt-tab or win 7 GUI for the command prompt?
Is there any reason to store all those files on PC?

I didn't know for sure where to post this, but I really wanted to ask this question, sorry if this is inappropriate here
Windows 10, 11 and even 8 are complete rewrites from 7 or even XP. Microsoft tries to minimize what people can do (what regular users can do), but as an admin on the system you can theoretically do almost anything.