Windows Update Error 80072EFD

I keep getting this error when trying to update windows. I saw a thread somewhere to go back and uninstall SP1 and updates which I have done. Downloaded SP1 and installed it again and tried to update but keep getting this error code.
As far as I can tell I have done things like lowering the security, adding the sites to safe etc.
I am at a complete standstill and don't know what to do next.
I have Windows Vista Business

Hope somebody can help me. Thanks

Thanks but I have already done that. Honestly I am just about pulling my hair out:mad:



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it could though I would hope not be something in the registery that is blocking it from working right. But, this of course gets tricky. Got a registery cleaner program? If so and you have no problems in using one, you could make a backup of your registery first and then clean the registery and see if that helps. However, cleaning the registery can be a devils hand so to speak. While it may well fix the problem it can also cause other problems. Hence one reason I have had to reformat more than once. But, I play and test and so on a lot so a few reformats hardly bothers me that much. Though that may also be something that while you may want to avoid it, it could also come to that. Those are really the only two suggestions I can think of at the moment, and sorry to say neither may be what you really want to do, though either could be what you have to do.

Thanks. I have just done a registry clean (quite a few fixes). Rebooted and tried updates again but same problem.
I am a bit wary of reformatting as it is a Compaq laptop and don't know whether HP lets me do this?Irene

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