Windows Update Failing

On both my windows 7 machines the windows update feature keeps failing with the error code 80072EE2, it started a week or two ago.

On my laptop it is a fresh installation of w7 and it has some very important compatability updates i want it to perform.

Thank you for your help.

Ok so i tried following these steps:

Below is the procedure for removing the ethernet device and then let xp
reinstall it on reboot. Incidentally, if folks are having problems like I did
and even if you are not using Internet connection sharing, your ethernet
device which connects to your gateway router could be hosed up in the same
manner and require removal and re-install. I'm pretty convinced this was a
packet/frame dropping issue:

Right click the 'My computer' icon on the desktop
Select 'Properties'
Select 'Hardware' tab
Select 'Device Manager'
Select 'Network Adapters' by clicking the '+' sign
Right click the adapter connecting the pc to the home lan or gateway router
Select 'Uninstall'

XP will find the device again and reload the drivers for it.

If you don't want to use file and print sharing and QOS, be sure to go to
Network and Internet connections from control panel, Change settings for the
device and unselect file and print sharing and qos.

Hope this helps!!
But this step 'XP will find the device again and reload the drivers for it.'? Was this intended for getting windows update working on XP? because i did it on windows 7 and let windows 7 install the drivers again, to no avail.

Thanks but is there anything else i can try please? It was working for a few months and now it won't work on either of my machines, one which i put a fresh copy of windows 7 on last night.

Please help, thank you.


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Yup, I was hoping it would work for 7 as well...bugger!

Try this page from ms: You may encounter temporary connection-related errors when you use Windows Update or Microsoft Update to install updates

You could also try deleting all the updates found in the download folder (see screenshot) for WU.. Windows will then try and update them again.. (if you look at the folder path in the address bar you'll see how to get to it, then just delete everything in the downloads folder)

One other thing to check, as I had a server at work causing me grief, is the time and date. Actually, the time was correct, but the date was wrong. Having the wrong date and a very large time difference will keep Windows Update from working properly (and a whole lot of other things, like NTP from working -- go figure!!!!)

Windows update randomly started working again..... to a degree, some updates fail with an unkown error error now.

Thanks for the help


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If those updates fail, try cleaning out the download cache as suggested above..

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