Windows 7 Windows Update Fails with Code 80000FFFF


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Since 2/11/2009 I have been unable to run Windows Update. When I attempt it says An error occurred while checking for new updates for your computer. Error(s) found: Code 8000FFFF.

My copy of Windows 7 is legit and activated, and I am not running any 3rd party firewalls that would be blocking this. I even tried disabling the windows firewall and my Symantec 11.0.4.

Any ideas?
I'm having a similar problem. I have been receiving updates to Windows 7 build 7000 quite well until this weekend. I'm now getting a message that says an update to Windows Update needs to be installed. The system then tries to download updates then ends up telling me I need an update to Windows Update. I feel a catch 22 coming on.

Any ideas from you experts out there? Two of us appear to need help.

I keep getting this error message as well on Build 7022... Also when activating my product, it timedout as well and I had to use the automated phone service for activation. Any suggestions?
My releases come from Technet so are as "legal" as they get. I don,t know if it is an answer posed by the questions above, but to the best of my knowledge, apart from 5 "test" updates, there have been none, specifically for the OS, only for add-ons such as the graphics card etc.. I wiped 7000 some time ago, so am only, for this thread, referring to later builds, but I do seem to recall 2 very minor updates for that release, shortly after it was availabl?.
I can't offer anything for watrmilan's problem. Maybe you left the activation too long after the installation?