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Discussion in 'Feedback Forum' started by techmonkey74, Aug 11, 2011.

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    Wanted to get an opinion from Mike & everyone if it would be a good idea to create a "Windows Update" Forum? We seem to sometimes mostly near patch Tuesday question/problems about windows updates. Even posting a "warning" ahead of time about a problem you may have encountered with a update might be useful to some. We can of course still and do cover these problems in the other forum plus I don't want to have "overlapping" forums and not sure if it would be a pain for Mike so I thought I would ask.

    EDIT: Should have put this in the feedback forum.
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    Moved it for you :)
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    I'm particularly interested by this idea. I will bring this up and ensure that our administrators see this upon my next discussion with them!
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    If we can find a ATOM/RSS feed of Windows Updates as they become available, we will be able to post them as they go online and elaborate on them with additional comments. I have not been able to find one thus far.

    However, the Knowledgebase forum comes close, as all Windows Updates are already associated with a KB number. The issue here is that the ones that contain updates, roll-ups, hot fixes, and even service packs need to be labeled as such, and, preferably, prioritized based on Microsoft's level of importance.

    This is clearly a challenge for both our automated and non-automated systems to track these types of updates. Our tracking of knowledge base updates, however, is among the best I have seen thus far. Much work can still be done in this area on elaborating with additional original content and responses to the article references themselves.

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