Windows Update in Safe Mode

There are a few issues at play here, so I'll spell it out in the simplest terms possible:

I've been getting the dreaded 'No Signal' after I do the install for Windows 7. I was able to somehow complete this install blind (the monitor was off) and subsequently can now get into Safe Mode. However, even by doing that, I cannot seem to get the drivers installed in a way that agrees with the system enough to let me into a Non-Safe Mode desktop. That's assuming this is even a driver issue!

The things I have tried to fix this issue are as follows:
Reinstalled many times
Tried VGA, DVI and HDMI connections
Tried to (but cannot) change refresh rate
Tried all of the advanced startup options (ie, VGA mode, etc)
Tried a different monitor (VGA doesn't seem to work at all with my computer. Can't even see post)
And a TON of other things

So, I'm thinking that if I can run Windows Update, maybe, just maybe, there will be an update that fixes this particular issue. Because I cannot access anything but safe mode, I have been trying to get windows update to work in safe mode to no avail.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated as this is frustrating me beyond belief.

I should also mention that I am using 7100 revision (latest I can get my hands on)
QX9650 Processor
EVGA 790i FTW Digital PWM
EVGA GTX 280 Video card
WD Green Cavier 1TB
P243W (24 inch) Acer monitor

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I would not try to fix a bad install. Just wipe it and start fresh. Unless you're doing an upgrade?

Are you saying you lose video at POST and did the first time you installed?
There is a point at the early phase of POST where you should never have video it sounds like your saying you never recover from that point?
Therefore no BIOS?
Any beeping other than one short beep?
It seems your saying that you had no video through the install process at what point did you lose it ?
Sorry about all the questions but it seems like your saying you can't even get into bios (no video at POST) so I'm a little confused at what suggestion to make.

I have done a fresh install many times.... I'm not trying to go over the top of anything.

To answer your question regarding the post...
I get 'No Signal' after the new, cute Windows 7 things come flying in just before it's supposed to go to desktop. This is after I see the computer post (yes, I do see it) and after other subsequent screens, like inactive RAID controllers, etc.
This happens just after Windows 7 load screen and just before it goes to desktop. The screen basically shuts off and says no signal. However, I CAN get in with Safe Mode.

okay now were making a little more head way. Boot into safe mode with networking (hopefully your internet connection fared better than your video adapter) go to the start menu right click computer, select properties, in the window that comes up among the selections on the left (smallish type) select device manager your probably going to see a yellow exclamation point under display adapter right click that ( assuming you have internet) select update driver. Allow to connect to internet see what comes up.

Don't despair too heavily the fact that you have video in safe mode all but ensures this to be a driver problem.The hard part if any will be finding the right drivers. Should the above fail or you have no internet working post back with the exact manufacturer and model of your video adapter and if it's integrated on the mother board your chipset model # would be great.


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Is the monitor saying no input signal or signal out of range?

Unfortunately I can get in with Safe Mode + Networking, however, the display adapter is correct. Nvidia GTX 280.

I am able to get in there and download stuff and everything. Have updated my drivers, everything seems fine there.

Also, it says 'No Signal'. The monitor is on, and something windows does makes it 'disconnect' from the computer. I've tried 4 different monitors, 3 different models, and all of them do the same thing.

Sort of grasping at straws now still IMHO a driver problem can you rollback your driver to a generic windows driver?
Sometimes windows update is a little silly Try these links to download driver packages from n'vidia you didn't list if your using x64 or x86 so make sure you get the proper one
x64 GeForce/ION Driver Release 190
x86 (32 bit) GeForce/ION Driver Release 185
Be sure to go to device manager and uninstall the current drivers BEFORE you run the .exe from n,vidia.

The basic Windows driver was already tried when it didn't get into Windows the first time, or subsequent tries.

I've installed the nVidia drivers. They don't work.

I'm using x64

I'm at a loss bud wish i could be more help perhaps contact nvdia? I'm pretty sure it's a driver issue but if you've tried all the options available to you i'm not sure where you should go next perhaps nvdia has a little more info.

What Nvidia driver are you using?

I have gotten a step further.

I went into Safe Mode and 'uninstalled' the Windows WDM driver for the GTX 280.

Installs of any of the last 3 versions of the display drivers do not work.

I am currently under a standard VGA adapter.

Any ideas? Seem to be having problems with this one card.

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