Windows update keeps installing the same updates over and over

Hi, I have an annoying problem. Windows Update seems to be stuck in and endless cycle of applying the same 5 important updates over and over again. Probably been happening for about 3 months now, and despite going through the install process and following all the instructions to the letter, every time I start up, the same updates are available for download again. Here is a screenshot of Windows Update showing the updates in question:


If anyone knows how to stop this loop, I'd appreciate the assistance. I have tried following these instructions:
But it doesn't work.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Pete, if you already have the updates installed then just right click the offending update/s and choose to 'hide item'.

Thanks Kemical, I wasn't aware you could do that, thank you!!


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I seem to remember one way to stop that was to have Windows Update check for updates. I will have to check again to see if my recollection is correct. There are several web hits on this subject which seem to have mixed results.

Hiding an update may help, but depending on which update it was, I might be concerned that Windows would not be able to install future updates that depend on it being installed.


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I've had the same nuisance, but is it really a true problem? You get the same update - period. It's stupid, ok, but is it dangerous?

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