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Hey everybody I'm new on this forum so excuse me if I am asking help in the wrong thread.... My problem is about windows update... I am using Windows 7 64bit and it works and updates just fine.... But since yesterday I have this issue about my intel core i5 2500K's graphics drivers... I already installed it via windows update when I installed windows... and then one day it says there is an update ... i click ok and the installation fails... the error description says i already have a more recent version that the one windows update is trying to install... so every time I boot up, windows try to install the driver.... of course without success... So its a bummer I have to put up with an erratic installation every time I open my pc...
I was wondering if anyone could help me out...
I have already tried igoring this update (from windows update) and deleting the Software Destribution folder in C:/Windows. It didn't help... Any other ideas on how to stop this???
Thanks in advance :)


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Hi Vladimiros and Welcome to The Forum.

You've discovered at an stage how Windows will often try to update your drivers to older versions. To disable Windows Update from looking for drivers for you:

GoTo Control Panel and set the view to Small Icons. Then select Device and Printers. When you open Device and Printers a yellow options bar will slowly drop down, click on it. Then click on Open device installation settings.

In the new Window that opens select No, let me choose what to do and Never install driver software from Windows Update.

You can tick the Replace generic device icons with enhanced icons box if you wish.

Finally Apply Settings.

I would also set Windows Update to never check for updates and do it myself manually every week. This way you can veto any updates you may not want.

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You might also be able to hide that update, but if a newer one shows up, it might try again.

You can also get to the settings Elmer suggests by Winkey+Pause, "Advanced system settings" on the left and the Hardware tab.

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Hey thanks for the quick response!
I browsed to devices and printers but no options bar showed up... I tried playing with windows update options but with no luck...
I also tried deactivating the device from the devices menu as I thought maybe on the next intel graphics update the issue will be solved... I mean what else could I possibly try? :/
P.S: Sorry for my English, it is not my mother language :$

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