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My windows updater is seems to be not working because whenever it tries to install updates on my computer is just goes to installing update 1 of 4 for about 8 hours and then i just turn it off.

When i open windows updater it says i have 20 updates and 4 optional updates. I have recently restored my computer because i was having this problem before and i read somewhere that it helps and it did. Well now its back and i cant even restore again because every time i try it attempts to install updates before it does the restore which just make the computer install forever.

When i try and install the updates from the windows updater panel it just stays on downloading.......
and it never goes past 0%. Ive left it on like that for about 4 hours but it just stays on 0. there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the computer itself i just recently switched to windows 7.

I would appreciate some help i cant shut down my computer unless i hold down the shutdown button.
Even if i could just turn off this god forsaken update and install them from a different website would be nice i would just like to be able to shutdown my computer normally thank you.


I have just tried to restore in safe mode. It actually skips the installing of updates but seems to freeze on initializing the system restore. I'm beginning to think it may not be windows updater but something else

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please help

Please can any1 help Im thinking of just downgrading to vista.


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In Control Panel, there is a Troubleshooter option. If you click that then go to the System and security area, it shows an updater troubleshooter wizard. Maybe that will help.

I am currently looking for the update log to see what it shows. Maybe the system is out of sync as far as updates installed.

If you go to Programs and Features in the control panel and view installed updates, are any listed as already installed that are also showing needing to be installed?


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These are the updates that the updater is trying to install

These are the updates that i have already installed

None of them seem to be the same.
Regarding the troubleshooting. I have tried to do this but it came up and said it did not find any problems.

Is there anything else you need that might be able to help you?

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