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After I reformat my computer from Windows Vista Business to Windows 7 SPK 1 64 bit checking for updates take me long & never get the updates, what I can do? please HELP!!!


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Neem is right on 2 counts. First, is that your Vista computer hardware is now 10 years old and is pretty much obsolete.o_O Upgrading to Win7 is a stop-gap measure as that product will be End-of-Lifed in 2020; more likely in 2019 from latest reports. That means that computer will no longer be safe to use on the Internet in 2 years or so, just as Vista and XP are now.:headache: You could upgrade it to W10; which may buy you a few more years on the software side (oldest PCs to run W10 are built in 2007 or later); more likely your hardware will fail (Hard Drive or Motherboard or both) before the software runs out *in 2025 or so*.:waah: Microsoft has abandoned automatic updates for Win7 during last year, 2016, and your only method of updating is manually through the new Microsoft Catalog page on their site. As neem mentioned, prohibitively long update times are being reported for Win7 worldwide. Especially if you have slow Internet download speeds (<25Mbps) You should consider replacing that machine sooner rather than later.