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Discussion in 'Windows 10 Upgrade and Installation' started by batman, May 18, 2016.

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    May 18, 2016
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    im getting so tired of constantly getting requests to update to windows 10. You would guess after 100 rejections of it, it would stop. But no, it still dosen't get it. Today i startet to automaticly update to windows 10. That is some fucking BS. I dont wan't the program, so do force it on me. What sort of retard has decided this shit should be fired. Its a load of BS. Luckely i cought it doing it, but i had to restart the computer, to stop it
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    If you already have the gwx app installed on windows 7 then I recommend you do a fresh install of 7 to a new hdd (after backups) ... there is no opt out option before the 10 install.
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    Hi Batman,
    we (the staff) realise that certain words just 'say it how it is' but whilst we don't mind a little profanity (that's very little) any more than that isn't welcomed. I've removed most of the words but please remember that this a family orientated site.
    Enjoy the forum :)
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    I use the GWX Control Panel Ultimate Outsider - Software Downloads and have good luck with it so far. One windows update to check for every time you go to Windows Update is KB3035583 it keeps reappearing when you hide it. Also set your Windows Update to never check for updates and change startup to manual.
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    May 14, 2016
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    A few things if I may. Yes the GWX panel will keep it away for the most part along with the advice from the post above, but another thing you can do is simply create a system image with the free version of Macrium Reflect just in case. That way if your system ever does "do you wrong" with the Windows 10 update, you can always go back to that image. I believe it should go away though after the official free period is over for the Windows 10 upgrade after the end of July. I bet it will take a month or so though for that KB/Update to disappear from the que.
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