Windows Uverse issues

I have had U-Verse (AT&T) for about one year now. Most of the time it has been trouble-free. However one problem I've was having is that, when the modem lost power for any length of time, when it came back I would get multiple AT&T connection errors when trying to surf. Over a period of a day or two, the sites would starting returning.

My email never went away - ever. It always worked perfectly.

I have not changed any settings in browser (latest IE with all default settings).

I also have Microsoft Security Essenetials (best anti-virus avaiable - and it's free).

A couple of sites came up almost instantly (Google & YouTube for example). But I can't get Craigslist or Huffington Post (AT&T connection errors) among others.

A couple sites will come up but all you get are a list of links on a totally white background. And none of the links work. The JustWeather site is one example of this.

I went to the local bagel shop and on their WiFi I was able to open my Mozilla browser. IE was having had same issues as at home. After playing around with Mozilla for a few moments, I was able to get it working. I had some Craigslist business to tend to and was successful.

The biggest problem is that you cannot find anyone with answers.

We all know AT&T is about as helpful as tits on a boar hog. The agents, all drenched in foreign accent, always want you to "reset the modem"- as if I haven't done that multiple times already. They are at step 1. I am at step 10 in troubleshooting process. And if you want to talk to a "specialist", you risk being charged $149!

Forget the Geek Squad at Best Buy. They will plead ignorance all day. They seem to have a very narrow range of "concern".

Since this issue seems to fall into a gray area, I figure the forums are my best shot as they seem to have very knowledgeable participants.

Also, I have two laptops (one a year old and one two weeks old). Both have Windows7. And both have virtually the same problems.

Like I say, it used to be that, when this happened, of a period of a couple days sites would slowly start returning. The sites are not "returning" like they used to. It has been three days now.

Also I have another modem that I know works perfectly. It behaves exactly in the same manner.

Why I would get connection errors on selected sites and none on Google or YouTube and "half way" on others (JustWeather) is driving me crazy.
Also I cannot open Mozilla at home. Gives same AT&T diagnostic error.

I am probably one of millions with this setup. Surely this has happened to others.

If anyone can solve this issue, they truly deserve to be proclaimed "computer genius".



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