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I installed 3 days ago Windows updates and now my computer makes the infamous buzz when playing music. I tried deactivating all the unnecessary start-up programs but it keeps doing it.

My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 15 with native W7 and never had problems with the sound, it all just started after I installed these bloody updates. I attach a picture of those updates, if anyone had a similar problem with them.

thanks in advance!

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I doubt Windows update is the cause unless it changed something in your audio properties or updated your audio card with a wrong driver. You can try a few things:

1. Restore the computer to more than 3 days ago (before you applied the updates).

2. Does this happen with music playing from ALL players? If it's iTunes, try this: Windows makes hard buzzing sounds when playing a song on itunes. - Microsoft Answers

3. Try resetting the audio to it's default settings (Control Panel)

4. Try moving your speakers... it might be near some magnetic field that is causing the disturbance. (Or try to rule out the speaks by playing music with different speak or connect you speaks to a different computer and see if also there you have the problem).

5. Try updating your audio drivers from their site.

Get back to us.

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