Windows VISTA -> 7 Spanned Volumes

Got an interesting one. I have one PC left running Vista that has two sets of spanned volumes as follows:

All drives are dynamic.

Silicon Image 3124 SATA Controller Card:
Port 0 - 1TB
Port 1 - 1TB
Port 2 - 500GB
Port 3 - 500GB

Marvell Controller on MB
Port 4 - 500GB
Port 5 - 500GB
Port 6 - 1TB
Port 7 - 1TB

There are a few other unspanned drives hanging off the Intel Controller on the MB that I am not concerned about, but they contain the OS.

I recall that the spanned volume on the Marvell controller was actually transplanted from an identical PC which was running Vista at the time and the transplant went without a hitch. I simply moved the drives, plugged them into the same ports they were on the original machine, setup the Marvell BIOS settings the same, and upon Vista boot the spanned volume was there working perfectly.

However, now I need to upgrade this last PC to Windows 7, so I am wondering if I simply detach the spanned drives, wipe the OS drive, install Windows 7 and get that up and running, update all of the drivers... and then simply plug in the spanned drives exactly as they were hooked up before whether or not I am going to have any problems.

Granted, this is probably something not alot of people have experience doing, myself included. While I will of course make data backups of everything I am just wondering if anyone has been though this or not.

Well. I have done the upgrade to Windows 7 and when I reconnect the 4 drives on the Marvell controller, I have 2 entries for each drive. One that is fine and activte and a second that is "Missing/Failed". The "E:" spanned volume is also fine but also has a second counterpart that is failed.

So can I just delete the volumes of the "missing" drives w/o detroying anything?

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