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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by sandra, Sep 3, 2007.

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    Sep 3, 2007
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    Hi Guys,
    I am new to this site.

    I recently installed Windows Vista Home Premium.
    The worst thing ever done.
    I only installed it because it appeared I had an illegal copy of Windows EX
    I now have no sound and have tried everything to get it back.

    I feel that Windows Vista is a big con and should have been sorted out properly before it was sold to the public.

    Sorry if I sound I bit of a moaner but I am really pissed off with Windows.

    Sandra xx:mad:
  2. kjanx

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    sandra, i'm a long time builder installer and sevice person.
    theres nothing wrong with vista. i have it installed on several computers in my network.
    the problem is that some folks install the os on computers not configured for vista. this vista is a new era in os computing. its an attempt to boost sales for computers/computer parts to be able to run vista. in your case, vista usually runs a scan at first to see if the computer has any issues. most average users don't understand the results of the scan.
    i'm sure you did understand, and went ahead with the install.
    there are many diagnostic programs in google to help you identify the sound card and its drivers. vista is not a con. no one's arm is ever twisted to buy the os. i still use xp on mosty of my network. i do study vista intensely to be able to help other users.
    good luck
  3. vista not as good as led to believe

    i have recently bought a new desktop and a new laptop both with vista premium os installed.But my old games that run perfectly well on xp dont run on vista , i have tried changing the compatabilty back to the same setting as xp but it does not solve the problem.So i decieded to buy a new hard drive and take out the original hard drive on my new pc and install xp,while keeping the the hard drive with vista on so when all the compatibilty issues are sort out then i will go back to using vista.I put the new hard drive in my pc format it then took the hard drive with vista on out and tried to install xp on the new hard drive.but it will not let me install i just get a blue screen crash.Telling me there is a problem and windows as stopped the installation and tells me to remove any new hard drives i have installed.why is this because there is no problem with the new hard drive because when i boot the computer with the original hard drive and the new hard drive then go into device manager it tells me that all the hard drives are are installed correctly and working properly.Is this something to do with vista. At the end of the day why did microsoft bring out a new operating system with compatabilty issues with earlery versions of windows
  4. the reason you are having problems is probably due to the amount of ram that vista requires as well as alot of new laptops shipping with old video drivers. the latest video card drivers for vista are a million times better than the ones from a few months ago. but ram is also a big factor
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    Sep 19, 2006
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    U must check your bios and see in which mode you have set your SATA controller (IDE, AHCI, RAID). In case of AHCI or RAID, u must use when install XP press F6 and provide install floppy with drivers for your hardware. Or set your SATA controller to IDE mode and install XP without problems. But when you change disk to Vista, must set SATA to previous setting. I hope this help :)
  6. Colin

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    Oct 19, 2006
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    Hi you have to go to your sound cards web site and download vista drivers for the sound card. That's what i did and it sounds sweater than it did before.

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