windows vista on new pc...wers the cd???

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by driftin_out, Feb 4, 2007.

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    hay, my dad bought a new laptop with windows vista.
    but there was no window vista installation cd....:confused:
    i called up the place wer he bought the computer from, and they said i can just copy the installation files from the computer hdd....
    so i tried to find how to copy these files..but no good..couldnt find them..
    any1 got any ideas wat he was talking about?
    would it b an image file or something?
    or was he lik just talking about a recovery system..etc...
    because i want this cd, so i can install vista on my computer.....
    any ideas would b great...
  2. Not that that is illegal or anything.
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    You are allowed to make a 'back-up' copy of your OS. The problem lies in getting it off your HDD. Its actually hidden in a small partition and I have read other posts where the user has made a copy. Unfortunately I just can't remember the process , this site may help ( although it is for XP but I guess the process is the same) How to Create a Bootable Windows XP Setup CD/DVD from a Pre-loaded/Preinstalled Windows System (

    Another site refering to your problem is here (scroll down to find the entry)
    [SOLVED] Removing Vista, but backing it up... [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums

    In the above link they talk of something in your startup menu which will allow you to make a backup disk. Anyhow I hope from all this you can find the info' you need. Good luck.

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