Windows 7 Windows Vista on Vmware



Hello. I have got the first steps of the Vista installation done in VMWare. But when VmWare restarts the Vista screen keeps on saying "Please wait a moment while Windows Prepares to Start-up for the First Time . . . . . . . . . . ." Dots keep on going across the screen until about 5 and a half line of dots are on the screen. Takes almost 30 minutes to prepare to start, and once it gets to the last dot my computer completely Freezes, but VMWare keeps on working. Eventually the Black Screen with the Build Number Appears, and the Mouse, and it takes forever. Took like 40 minutes to install Windows Vista, but took about 1 Hour to get the Mouse with the Build Number. So here is the question. Why did the Vista Setup run in 256 Colour, instead of 32 Bit Colour in VmWare? Is it because the VMWare tools arn't installed? Well here is the MAX Specs I am using for Vista:

340MB/384MB Ram
751 Mhrz CPU
Video Adapter ??MB/64MB
Vista compatible Network Adapter
100GB Hard Drive/233GB Hard Drive


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