Windows Vista Serious Issue.

Hello Windows Vista Community, I'm new here. Mostly because i'm here for one reason only. I have a serious issue with Vista on my PC which is causing me to use my causin's PC in order to find a solution. I feel like i am running out of time. Heres the issue gentleman, and i hear that this issue really is a big one and that it has no solution meaning I am totally screwed. I need to know what this forums got in this answere which i seek. Alright 9 months ago I installed Windows Vista Ultimate On my Dell Dim. 3000. I used a key that my friend told me was genuine. He was also the person who gave me the Vista install disk. The disk was the genuine copy made by Microsoft which is why i am not sure why i am having this issue. Well see 9 months ago I installed it correctly, everything was great. Until I was arrested for conspiracy, which is neither here nor there ;). Well In an attempt to keep everything on my PC secure from prying eyes i make set up a password for the Administrator account but i also create a side account for any who live here, though i must say the day i did this i had not slept for days, don't need to know why or if it was induced, it's just to give you a perspective on how a problem could have been turned into a giant problem with little or no solution.

Well here i am now 3 weeks free and now my PC is totally locked down
because I have no idea what password I set. So I was left with the second none administrative login account. Lol here is where this crap goes to the roof. I log on and I am being denied access to Windows vista's normal accessibility. No visual desktop that is usually there with all OS's I beleive. Also there is a message imprinted on the blackness that was my desktop. It says that my copy of Vista Ultimate isn't genuine. Haha how happy i was at that point. Now Microsoft might get pissed though i hope we can just keep this legit. I don't even want Vista anymore ={ so they can just leave me alone on this. There is a popup window on the screen which is the only thing availible to me now. It gives me a few choices of what i can now do. I am able to access firefox by clicking the option that says reduced functionality etc.. So I can use Firefox to open up a explorer window, Which i used to right click files and open them.

I searched the web over to find a solution to this. It then seemed that I could fix one issue only by fixing the other... Lol how fun huh. I found out about rescue kits for fixing the password issue which soposedly is to startup on boot. So I am not real experienced in burning CD's though i can do that. So i get an image of the Linux Trinity Rescue Kit, burn a copy the basic way i know how, try it on start up, but guess what? My luck of course wont allow such simplicity. Nothing is booted. CD is in the rom tray.. Which i sopose is the master ROM boot drive. So i go and try pressing f12 for the boot options. I try the IDE - CD-ROM Drive option. Nothing. I try my DVD compartment the same way. Nothing. I forgot to mention that I lost my XP Install disk.. Adding to my problems. So after searching and searching i try a few more boot PC fixing images on different CD's... No Success... So i find myself a XP Installation image which i put on a CD. The image is there on it. I try this. Still nothing. I am now at my wits end. I am not going to pay for this to be fixed. No way i never pay geeks to fix my stuff. I learn how myself. Its all a grand rip off to help Bill Gates get closer to being able to control the world, so he said once while being sued for being a monopoly buisness. Heh. Anyways. I am out of resources. Maybe i am not doing the booting or the burning correctly. Only have one thing left to say here.

Please Help me. I'll give you information on w/e if you think it would help. If you want you can send me an e-mail at or contact me on MSN at By the way vista might not be a good copy but i still have my genuine XP Serial on my Dell's tower.


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Try changing the boot order in the bios to 'boot from CD/DVD'. Place your OS disk in the drive and reboot, you'll then be asked to press any key to boot from disk. Then install as usual..
To access the bios try pressing F2 or delete when booting.

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