Windows Vista Windows Vista SP1, it's faster at Gaming


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May 7, 2007

Well, looks like some newer games are good on Vista SP1, but older games, like Doom 3 are a bit worse on Vista than XP still, and oddly, Vista with SP1 is even slower than Vista SP0 at Crysys.
They need to do an XP SP3 vs Vista SP1 test.
SP3 would win, IMO. It's got a 10-15% speed jump in it.
Obviously....... XP's requirements for gaming are far less than Vista's hence the performance increase in XP. Some games like Crysis which utilizes DirectX11 and all hardware would run nicely on Vista.
I would say that part of the reason that games are faster on XP is that it does not use DX10, so games like crysis have to fall back to DX9, which has less effects, and makes it faster. But really, any new PC runs vista fine, and there is no reason to get XP.
I agree. I have never had problems with Vista, But im currently running Windows Server Codename "Longhorn" Beta 3
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