Windows was unable to create a new system partition

I'm doing a fresh install on windows 7, instead of a disk it's on a thumb drive
I have a 500 GB Partition I want to install windows to

I went through setup and formatted the disk when I try to continue with the installation and get this error.

"Windows was unable to setup a new system partition or find an existing one. See installation log"

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Have you tried just adding the partition you want to put the OS on and not pre-formatting it?

Can you describe how you are setting the drive up?

If you happen to be using a UEFI install, it requires a system partition. The Legacy (MBR) will just make the OS partition the system partition.


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It could also be an issue with BIOS. Be sure to have the settings correct = thumb drive is bootable. Further, you need to have your system disk properly formatted. I had a heck of a fight when installing Windows 7 because it wouldn't recognize partitions > I had to jump to another partition program to get it work.

Supposedly, Windows formats a disk. Well yeah... supposedly. By experience, and there's not so very much of that in my case, I would recommend to format the system disk with gParted, GParted -- About and then push Windows in. And even in that case, with a formatted disk, you may have to have Windows re-format it.

It's the ballgame. :cool:

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