Windows won’t shut down.

Hello everyone, I installed win7 yesterday and just finished setting everything up the way I wanted it. I’ve only had to shutdown/restart a few times so far. The first time shutdown took so long I just lost patience with it and held the power button. The second time was last night, I shutdown and went to sleep with it trying to shutdown. This morning when I turned it on it said windows had recovered from an unexpected shutdown. I chose the button that said check for a solution on line. It scanned for a bit then the window closed. ? I tried to shut it down again, this time getting a BSoD. All I could see before it went away was: BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER. I’ve had some problems with an external 4-way powered USB hub in the past so I disconnected it and tried again. This time after a second or two all my remaining USB devices turned off like they should, but the system remained on; stuck on the “Shutting Downâ€Â￾ screen. After about 9 minutes I held the power button again. It didn’t have any unexpected shutdown messages when I started it back up but something has got to be wrong. If anyone has had a similar problem or knows how to fix it your help would be much appreciated. Thanks :confused:

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