windows won't boot after sp1 install

I have seen this problem before in other threads but my problem is that my computer won't even start up now. I am running Parallels 6.0 on my Macbook Pro and I have Windows 7 Ultimate installed. When I downloaded the Service Pack 1 update, everything was fine until I tried to reboot and my computer won't even get to the start page. When I boot it, it says to do a system restore, so I tried that. But afterwards it says it cannot be restored. So the other option is to start windows normally, so I tried that. Then it says it has an error after installing 140,000 of 320,000. I think the error code was c000009s or something like that. So my problem is that my computer won't even boot up so I can make changes to it.

Any suggestions?

Here is some information about my computer if it helps at all:

Macbook Pro 10.5.8
2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Parallels 6.0
Windows 7 Ultimate x64


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Can you not just restore OS x? Then try parallels again.

i could i just think they might be a simplier way. i really don't wanna go though all that effort and work of restalling all my programs when i know there might be an easier way.


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I don't know much about Mac, but I have read about others talking about an app called Boot Camp. I wonder if this would work better than Parallels

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