windows won't boot


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I've installed windows 7, no problem there.
When I want to to boot for the first time, my computer keeps resetting it self.
This restarting happens directly after the bios is loaded (so I see my harddsik and mem check and when you would expect the bootscreen it resets and my computer starts over again)

Maby there's something wroing with my MBR but how can I check and how can I fix this


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if you pop the windows 7 dvd in drive and boot it, you will notice a handy little repair option listed at bottom left corner on the screen after language. Select the repair link and it will run the tools packs...the repair options are handy and can fix many of the minor issues like booting issues.


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Since Windows 7 is always installed on your second drive letter (C: is used 100 MB for system resources this is done by the installation of win7 it self) I made sure D: was the active partition. After this I also tied to fix my boot manager by runningbootsect / nt60 D: (This program is on the Win7 CD).
When I boot I now get the message "BOOTMGR" is missing.

The queston is now how to continue.

Just a few toughts.
The disk I'm using is a SATA disk. I don't have any IDE HDD installed. So my first primary channel is empty and on my second priamry channel MY DVD player is present.
My SATA HDD is on the first secondary channel. Mayby this has something to do with it.

When I install Windows Vista ecerything works fine

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