windows won't output audio after some time idle

I am using x64 7100 build and i have a problem with my audio. when i boot up windows, the audio works normally, i can watch movies, listen to my music, hear windows sounds, live messenger sounds, everything. but if i stay without hearing anything for some minutes (like keeping the computer on while having lunch) when i come back the computer won't output audio anymore. all of the programs seem to send the audio cause the timeline in the movies and music keep going, it's not like it is refusing to play audio, but the speakers won't make a single noise.

I'm using ASUS p5kpl/1600 with onboard audio card going through sp/dif port. if anybody knows how to solve this, one way around i'm using is to keep a music player running with volume 0 all the time, that way the computer audio will never go idle, but i wanted to know if there is a oficial solution for this.


I'm having the exact same problem

I'm using..

Asus M3N78-VM mobo
(on-board audio, HDMI out, spdif optical/digital out, etc)
AMD Phenom 940 Black edition
8GB Munchkin ram
in pci-e slot running NVIDIA 9800GT graphics card

Windows 7 RC 7100 Build (fresh install 2 days ago)
I went from W7 Beta 7000, I found a good driver in less then 20min that worked fine for it.
This time, I have searched and downloaded/installed 6 different audio drivers and finally got one to work, but it "turns off" after a few minutes with no audio being output through the optical out.
(I also selected "External codec" option in BIOS for the "HDMI" section in BIOS. Before I did this, the audio always tried to default to the HDMI out and I don't have any HDMI audio equipment)

Have you figured out this issue yet?

I just found yet another driver off the ASUS website, but I THINK it may be one I tried before, we'll see how it goes.

Also, I clicked "UNINSTALL" in properties for the current driver through device manager, now I will install the new one and re-post if anything changes.


Still having same problem with Asus newest audio driver although it works much better.
Sometimes audio will still output after the PC is idle for hours (no programs running, no audio/video playing)
But then sometimes, it will cut out the audio signal after 20min.

Tonight, I noticed the audio was on, (had just watched a movie), my audio receiver has an orange light on if it is receiving a digital signal.
After a few minutes, it was still on, I loaded a youtube video, the instant it started to play, the audio signal cut off.
All though everything in Windows looks fine, as if audio is being output, the hardware is not. This much be an issue with either W7 and the Asua (VIA) audio drivers not getting along.

Waiting for answer or advice..........

re:windows won't output audio after some time idle

I was having this same issue. I have the same MB, Same Win7RC and the audio was inconsistent. There was no solution and I went and purchased a Creative card. No sound issues now. I have 7.1 set up and the Creative X-Fi extreme. Asus has been very lax in creating drivers for Windows 7, as now I am having LAN issues with this same motherboard.

Hope things work out

unfortunately mdavis0821 has the right idea onboard audio or graphics are not often well supported for new OS's especially from mass producing ASUS. Chances are unless it's a very new chipset that is worth creating new drivers so they can continue to market it there will never be a good driver if one at all. i'm having driver problems with all my onboard stuff though it's all minor lucky for me. The only thing i can add to mdavis' advice is to try to tough it out untill hardware begins to come out with the works with 7 logo or whatever it is this time around so that if it fails to perfortm you can demand a refund. alot of hardware will work terrific with vista drivers but if it doesn't you'll be on your own with a "your operating system isn't supported at this time".Thats why i'm still running my lousy SOUNDmax HD audio with no equalizer or control panel because when i spend eighty dollars on a good audio solution i don't want to leave the manufacturer with any excuses.

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