windows wont start(believe its a corrupted hardrive)

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    my computer was working competly fine and i went to restart it and it wouldnt go anywhere after the boot scree just a read disk error. i restored my bios settings to default and still no luck. i then put in a windows 7 disk and went to repairs and did a start up repair got a harddrive error 0x0. when i go to look in my computer when i click browse i i se my other hard drive, but my main one is still there but and no info. when i click on it, it asks if i want to format it. is there anyway of fixing this, or to at least grab my stuff of it. there is a lot i mean a lot of important files i can not lose
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    Hi, When you run the startup repair disk and got an error. It means that the hard drive is faulty. Run chkdsk /r or Hirren Boot CD. If no luck with the tools. Try easy recovery application to retrieve your data. You can use the trial version. It is easy and user friendly. Good luck and let me know.
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    Oh dear - bet you start making regular backups now!

    Depends on how critical the potential data loss is. If you want to maximise your chances of any recovery you must first remove the drive and set up another one to install your system to. Then reinstall the drive as a secondary drive and see if you can recover any data from it. You should avoid installing or running anything which attempts to write to the drive or make "in situ" recoveries - this may well reduce any chance you have of recovering data. Get a trial download of ZAR from here:

    Download critical data recovery software - computer data recovery with ZAR.

    In trial mode it will enable you to identify if anything may be recovered. If it does then you can get a licence to run it in full recovery mode always ensuring that any drive you select to write recovered files to is some drive other than the problem drive.
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