Windows wont start

Windows wont start it freezes during the boot up sequence.(when the windows starting comes up). I tried safe mode it freeze during that but it stopped at Windows\system3ddrivers\AtiPcie64.sys
I tried start up repair, it froze during that, the blue wallpaper of the repair screen comes up though but after that it just freezes. I tried my last good configuration it froze during that as well.

This happened after i restarted the computer 5 or 7 consecutive times because i was trying to get into safe mode. I did not log in i just restarted again from the login screen

Thanks in advance

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The file seems to be a chipset driver for an AMD system. Does that sound right?

Have you added any new devices recently?

Can you get into a command prompt by any means, even booting to a Recovery CD or the Windows 7 Install DVD?

A chipset driver is fairly basic and normally works. Possibly you got an update that messed up your system, or the fact it shows that driver, an no more, means it is freezing on the next one in line.

Some info about your system might help someone with experience with your unit.

My Computer is a HP Pavilion p7-1020,
Amd Phenom II 960T QUad core processor.
8GB DDR3 memory
ATI Radeon HD 4200 Intergrated
1.5 Terabyte hardrive
WIndows 7 Home premium
And is their a way of me getting a windows7 cd, i did not get one with my purchace of the pc


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And is their a way of me getting a windows7 cd, i did not get one with my purchace of the pc
The norm nowadays is to provide recovery partition on the pc which you are strongly recommended to burn a set of recovery disks. There will be a utility on your system to do that for you and you should have been invited to do so when you first the pc up from new.

Here is a little known fact about Windows 7. Click on the link below and follow the instructions. I personally performed this task on one computer and I can verify that this works perfectly well.

Win7′s no-reformat, nondestructive reinstall

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