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I have a network with my desktop machine A running Windows 7 64 bit, connected to a Canon i960 printer. The printer functions perfectly. I have a Windows 7 laptop connected to the same network and I can also print to the i960 from that machine.

My problem is that I have another desktop, running XP Pro and I am unable to print to the i960. I can see the Windows 7 desktop machine from the XP desktop machine and to see the printer but when I try and connect, I am warned that I don't have the correct printer driver. I went onto the Canon site and downloaded the XP driver and unzipped it. When I point to that folder to install the correct printer driver, it can't find one. Any thoughts on what I am missing here?


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You may have a bad download. But just as likely you may need to temporarily attach the i960 to the XP machine and run the setup.exe file from within the extracted files, test it and make sure you can print ok, when it's attached locally. Then when you reattach the printer to the Windows 7 machine and attempt to connect to the network printer it should prompt you to keep the existing driver, just say yes or ok and you should be good to go.

Firstly, I have removed all Canon i960 printers from Printers and Faxes.

I downloaded the nestest i960 driver and installed it onto my XP machine. When prompted, I plugged in the printer USB cable and successfully detected and installed the i960 printer.

Restarted and successfully printed a test page to the i960 from the XP machine.

Unplugged the printer from the XP machine and plugged it into my Windows 7 machine.

From the XP machine, I navigated to the printer and faxes folder on the windows 7 machine. Right clicked on the i960 and clicked Connect. Message that the server for the canon i960 printer doesn't have the correct driver installed. Click OK to search for the correct driver. Window cliams it's looking for an .inf file to install but I don't know where to look for it.

Any more advice?


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Yes, try installing it as a local printer using a local port as follows;
Open Devices and Printers
Select add printer near the top menu bar
Select add local printer
Choose Create a new port and local port from drop down arrow Click Next
In the enter a port name do one of the following
1. \\MachineNameHostingPrinter\Printer'sShareName or
2. \\ipaddressOfMachineHostingPrinter\Printer'sShareName
In the install printer driver dialog box do one of the following
1. In the left panel select your printer manufacturer and in the right panel select your printer model (to use Win7 native drivers) or
2. Select the have disk button and direct the install process to the folder where you have download and extracted the Win 7 drivers for your printer.
These instructions are actually for Win7 to XP, but they will work just as well in reverse. If you have had the printer installed on the XP machine then there should be a local print driver that you should be able to use in step #1 of the install printer driver section above.
Keep us posted.

Found this thread Trouble:
Vista64, Canon i960 ... yes AND no?

Although it's a solution for Vista, it worked out just fine and all is good now. Thanks for your help.


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Glad to hear that you were able to resolve your problem. Thanks for posting back and updating your thread. Hope to continue to see you around the forums.


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Editing my post after reading the last one.. Wrote up a whole essay that wasn't even needed..

Thanks for using Windows 7 Forums ;) :)

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