Windows XP to Windows 7 Migration


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A little cheaper way to upgrade is to purchase the Windows 7 Upgrade vs. the Full installation DVD.

Because you can't upgrade from XP to Windows 7, it will install the full version, but you did it at the upgrade price.

Make sure to migrate your files and what not as stated in the above video and then use your Windows 7 Upgrade DVD to install Windows 7 and migrate your files back.


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If you decide to use the Transfer Cable option, be aware all transfer cables are not alike. You need to look for one with "Easy Transfer" in the name or stated to be useable with Windows Easy Transfer.

Also, be careful as to what you transfer with Easy Transfer. In my situation, I ended up with folders on my desktop that should not have been there. Possibly because I had an Admin option in the selected items the video does not show.


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What about hardware? Win XP jump to win 7 has several hardware issue. Graphics, memory, CPU. Way to many variables in that big a version jump. First thing is to get any personal files you do not want to lose. Pictures, Videos, .doc, .txt. export emails and contacts from outlook. Back it all up to a inexpensive USB flash drive.


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I've gone from Windows 95 to 98 to XP to 7, and tried to be as careful as possible, but I've always lost material. I strongly suggest to copy the entire C disk before doing the migration. As for future, I emphasize having OS one place, and personal files another place - be it a partition, or a disk.