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this is my first post here and i hope I didn't miss any similar topic - i've used search and the results didn't answer my question...Here is The Issue:

I have 2 laptops connected to a home wirelles network... one comp is running win 7 and the other win XP. Both laptops have their own printer and this is where it complicates...I can see the printer with win 7 comp on win xp comp and i can normaly print from win 7 comp to win xp comp's printer but I can not find printer connected to comp with Win 7 from win XP comp...
i can also map network drives from win 7 comp to win xp comp but the otherway it doesn't work...

i've tried some things i have found on web - Win 7 comp is not in homegroup but in Work network (and i have disabled homegroups since i've read it should be like this because win xp cannot "understand" homegroups), the domain is the same (checked too many times), i've set up fixed IP on win 7 comp (still didn't work so I switched back to random IP) and I can't find the solution...

of course i shared printer connected to win 7 comp :p and i've tried to map network drives but with no succes...

here is the link to snaphots of my "Advanced sharing settings": ;

hope you can help!



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Could you please explain exactly what's happening when you attempt to map a drive from the XP machine to the Win 7 machine. Are you being prompted for a username and password, or are you getting an access denied message, etc. If so then your problem may very well be disparate user names and passwords, try using the same, identical in every way username and password on both machines, if either is missing a password try adding it to the account and make sure it's the same on both machines. Let us know if this helps at all.

sorry for my late reply but i wasn't at work since your reply...

when i try to connect i get this message:

when i try to map network drive i used my win 7 login credentials - user name and does the same if i don't use them at all...

I can't set the same account name since the account on win xp computer has some certificates installed that does not work when I change account name...weird, but that how it is...


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you don't have to change the account name you just need to add it to the xp computer and make sure that the name you add has adequate share and ntfs permissions, and it matches the user on the Win7 machine, you don't actually need to use the account, but windows pass-through autentication will use it in the background. In lieu of that make the user name on the Win7 machine machine that of the XP machine, so you have some flexibility here...and make sure that both machines are in the same workgroup. Typically, you would map a share using UNC (Universal Naming Convention) such as \\MachineName\ShareName those errors would seem to indicate that you're having some netbios problems, try it using the ipaddress instead of the machine name \\ipaddressOfMachineHostingShare\ShareName

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I created new user with same name on XP machine, i used ipaddress instead of machine name and it is still the same...oh, workgroup is the same...

what is really weird is that i can do anything on the XP machine with Win7 machine but viceversa it doesn't work...

is it possible that I have some services disabled on XP machine since this used to be a computer part of large enterprise network (cca. 300 computers)?


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This seems to be the hardest thing for me to explain to anyone and I don't know exactly where I'm falling short. But I will try one more time. If you want this to work and work reliably then you will need to have identical usernames and passwords on both machines. Yes, identical usernames and PASSWORDS. Please don't respond by telling me that it's not absolutely necessary, (been doing networking since 10 base 2, DOS and Lantastic) and I know there are other ways, but everyone doesn't understand all the other ways and they get confused. This way works, so what ever you have to do to get yourself to this point, please do so. Also please if using XP home, double check your username, you may think it's "Homer" but you may find out it's actually something more like HP_Owner or Compaq_Admin

i trust in your skills so i copy your instructions to the letter (if i get them right anyway...). I did as you said and it still doesn't work...i checked user name in CM to get it exactly the same, passwords are identical and still nothing...

"the network path could not be found" - the message i almoust dream about :)

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Did you try it with the IP address instead of the computer name? Usually when you get this type of network path not found error it means that either Netbios information is not working or is being blocked. Check the machine hosting the share that you can't get to for firewall settings, if you have any third party firewalls on that machine or third party antivirus / internet security suites, temporarily uninstall them so you can determine if there causing the problem. You can always reinstall them later. Also you can temporarily turn off the windows firewall and see if that's blocking your sharing.

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