Windows XP x32 and Windows 7 x64 wired network unidentified network not working

A: Windows XP (32 bit) Computer service pack 3 with NIC card
I: Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) NIC card
Connected by a cat5 cable.
Computers A can and I can ping each other, the sent and received are seen on the status panel of the appropriate machine I seems to send and receive more data than A.
I have had a panel (several times as I have adjusted settings) asking for a name for this New Network which appears to be accepted, but the after name remains unidentified.
On I (windows 7) the XP computer and the NIC network do not show up.
On A (windows XP) I cannot look at the workgroup.
Each computer has the same workgroup name.
I have ‘run gpedit’ and checked
Local computer policy + Windows Settings + Security settings then Network List Manager Settings
1 My motherboard network connector named correctly. The properties panel has three tabs allowing changes to name, icon and location as I can in the Network and Sharing Center.
This connection works for the internet a wireless network (uses ipad, XP_laptop and Epson printer).
2 Unidentified Networks. The properties panel has one tab, with radio buttons are set to location type private and user permission to user can change location no other buttons.
3 Identifying Networks. The properties panel has one tab only, with one radio button with location type set to private.
These permissions have been changed by following some instructions found on the internet and caused the unidentified network to being changed from public to work.
I do not have Bonjour Service, and my IP addresses remain in place. I have reduced the speed of the faster NIC to 10 half.
Windows cannot find a fault with the network settings.
Please can you help I seem to be going in circles and getting nowhere.:confused:

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