Is there a round about way to installing a printer? I have drivers ?

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windows I bought a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series with only needing to be set up.

I tried to create or log into my email account to create a User but was unable. I created one without
a email address. I then used that account to list my email address and create a new password.
I also created a Standard User.

Little did I know my trouble had only begun.

I disabled file sharing, disable remote access, disabled internet connection sharing and made sure
my firewall was on.

I tried downloading and install browsers. Some would not install and would completely disappear from
my download folder.

I checked and I was still permitting remote desktop and all incoming connections. I disabled both. I also
discover I was permitting other to disabled my connection. I unchecked that.

The only programs I had installed were Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. I was having problems as I was installing Opera which led to my discovery of open access.

Another problem with my installation is Everyone has full control. I am unable to change.
It actually setup that way.

I don't believe someone in China is hacking me. My problems started at Windows setup.
It was setup and it bypassed steps. Then it set up with me exposed and vulnerable to the internet.
Terrorist could contact me. I was completely open.

Now I can't setup my printer. Either Windows can't find it or I get an error if I try manually.

CNET forum suggestion is to reset to factory default unfortunately when my computer boots up
it goes straight to Windows 8.1.

Any suggestion as to how I can install a printer on a unruly system.

contact me. I was open for it.


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Hi Sharon,
Sorry to hear you're having difficulties with your laptop. I've setup 2 of the Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series laptops during last 2 years, and they are one of the best laptops on the market.

There are several pitfalls with setting up a new Windows8/8.1 computer, and you fell into one of those pits. Bypassing the use of your E-mail address on the Windows8/8.1 setup screen de-links you from creating and using a WINDOWS LIVE ID. This is a secure method of accessing all the cool stuff that Microsoft services has on the Cloud *Internet*. When you bypass this, and attempt to use an older style User name to login to Windows8/8.1 with, you're defeating all the security settings built-in to your Operating System. Essentially you are rolling back the security of your laptop to Windows7 or even WindowsXP (uggh!!).

Basically, the CNET forum folks are correct; it would be easiest to completely reinstall your Windows8/8.1 from scratch than to try and correct all the security-related and updated-related issues you list. For your information, this is only like 0.001% of the possible problems this would cause your laptop to have the way you set it up.

You have 3 methods by which you can correct this problem:

1) Create Dell Backup and Recovery discs using your laptop's built-in software (see pg. 75, Me and My Dell Owners Guide; link here: Creating System Reinstall Discs, If you already have created the Reinstall Discs; you should be able to boot from the 1st Disc in your DVD drive on reboot. Feed the disc in 1 at a time in order as instructed; e.g. DISC1, DISC2, DISC3, etc. **ensure that you use NEW unused DVD-R or DVD+R discs for this. Do NOT attempt to reuse old DVD discs laying around in a drawer; they cost about $.30 each when you buy in bulk; 25 or 50 packs**

2) Perform the Dell Backup and Recovery Basic procedure to return your laptop to the Factory state it came from when you opened the box when laptop was new for the first time. See pg. 74, 75 of Me and My Dell Owners Guide; link here:'s Guide_en-us.pdf. As the Guide will explain to you, you will need to power off your laptop, and then Mash the <F8> key on the very top row of keyboard keys on your keyboard when the laptop first comes on with a display. You should begin mashing the <F8> key right when you first see the DELL logo screen (we call this the "SPLASH SCREEN"). Continue doing this until you get into the Dell backup and Recovery option screen. It will often take 4 or 5 or more attempts to get in for the novice user, especially if this is the first time you are attempting to reinstall your Windows from the built-in Recovery software that ships on your laptop's hard drive. This process can take from 3-8 hrs., so make sure that your AC Adapter is plugged in the entire time your are attempting to reinstall your Recovery Windows software. If you don't, and you run it from your battery and the battery runs out of charge during this procedure, you can permanently damage your hard drive!! (the Backup & Recovery software will give you this warning at least 2 times; yet folks still manage not to see it!). **THIS IS CRITICAL IF YOU CHOOSE THIS OPTION**. After the Recovery process is complete it will usually give you a Successful Completion message and ask you to click OK to reboot your laptop back into Normal Operation. Recreate your Windows User account name using your existing E-mail address and link it to be your new Windows Live ID. Your laptop will now work normally, and tasks like installing your printer will be easy.

3) If you are one of those people who can't wrap your head around all of these technical details, and your brain is swimming; I urge you to consider taking your laptop to a licensed Computer Pro such as the techs who work at Best Buy Geek Squard. Usually, they can do this for around $100 US or so; of course more if you have them come out to your home; about $165 for them to do this where I live *in Southern California*. Bear in mind, that if you take your laptop into a shop and have the Tech restore it, they won't setup your Windows8/8.1 logon using your E-mail address unless you provided it to them--so Techs charge extra for this. The best thing to do is ask them about it, and provide your E-mail address and password to them when you take the laptop into them.

One of the 3 above methods will restore your laptop to normal operation.

Best of luck to you,:thumbs_up:


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