Windows7 64-bit SSD, constantly auto-format d drive every 1-2 days

I have recently got my Sony Vaio VPCSB19GG which runs i7-2620M Memory4Gb with Solid State Drive 256GB which comes with Windows7 Professional (64-bit).

i have been using it for around 2 weeks and from the first day i had divided my SSD into 2 partitions C and D, and recently this problem occur.

On Monday i switch on my computer and the D Drive disappear. when i checked the disk management it turns out to be a 126.14Gb Free space. so i lost all my data but still could manage to get them back.

My computer was ready to use again on Tuesday and i reset the partition just like the way it was before. at the end of the day, i put my Vaio to sleep.

On Wednesday, when i wake my Vaio up, i found out that the drive is gone again. this time i couldnt retrieve my 10,000 emails anymore. but i reset my partition like it was before, yet again. Drive C and Drive D. End of Wednesday i put my Vaio back to sleep again

On Thursday, when i wake Vaio up, drive D is still there. Put it back to sleep at the end of the day again.

Today, Friday morning, the drive gone missing again for the 3rd time!!!

Can anyone help me please?
i do not know what is the cause of this. i have asked around and there are a few possible causes of this.

1. the hardware problem with 1 of the 2 SSD each 128GB which adds up to 256GB??

2. because of my Vaio running Windows7 64 bit are operating many 32 bit programs and applications which cause the failure to the SSD drive easier than a Hard Disk (some technician told me to downgrade to Windows7 32bit) but i have not done it yet.

i would like to find out what is the cause of this and how can i solve this problem since i now cannot and do not dare to throw in any data into this Vaio anymore afraid of losing all the data.

Thank you in advance.



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First and formost, when you get everything back, CREATE AN IMAGE of both partitions. This will allow you to restore both partitions in less than 10 minutes. OMG why everyone doesn't Image is beyond me.

Unfortunately I don't know anything about SSD drives so can not help with that problem. Good Luck!

Remember: IMAGES will save your bacon. Create a new Image whenever you change your system. Just Image!!!

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