Windows 7 Windows7 and Atom processor


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Jan 14, 2009
Hey folks Has any one installed windows 7 on a laptop running the atom processor? I have upgraded a vista(x86) install to win7 and am running it on one server via Remote Desk top but would like get a small Asus notebook running an atom processor if win7 will run on it.. ? Liking the o/s so far.. Only problem is with domain firewall blocking RDP after a day or so.? had to turn off firewall on the w7 test machine..
yea it'd work as long as the system requirements are met.

i know the earlier versions of the atom processor machines only have 8 or 16 gb solid state hds. this would not be enough to install it on.
they wont include an optical drive with them, so you would have to mount the iso to a virtual drive, extract it to the hd, or get an external usb dvdr.
also, upgrading would not be an option, those systems dont come with vista. you would have to do a fresh install.
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