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I am trying to register a shell context menu dll in Windows7. For that it needed explorer to be restarted. I use inno setup(installer script) and in that script I tried to restart the explorer as an Administrator.

1. Stop Explorer
2. Register the DLL
3. Start Explorer.

When the explorer is restarted the default systray icons and quick launch icons are disappeared.

I have face the same issue if I try the explorer restart in Administrator command prompt.

If I stop the explorer in task manager and then restart via task manager all the icons come back without any issue.

but the context menu option (Right click context menu option created by me) has not been listed.

Has any one face this issue.?? is there any way to fix this.

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Context Menu not showing issue has been fixed. I will only show the contextmenu if the application is running. Since my app is installed as a system service, it can't be find
by DLL. That is the issue..

I have fixed this by creating a file whenever the service get started and delete that when service stopped. By checking the existence of the file, I show the context menu..

k.. thanks.


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Welcome to the forums, ashar! Might I ask what program you are developing? I'm glad that (in this case) you found the solution to your own problem and reported it here.



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I am currently working on showing context menu option of my application in Windows Explorer. Also setting icon overlay on files, that shows the file status to users (for eg, Modified, Uptodate....)like wise..