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Jan 18, 2009
Ihave recently installed windows 7 on a desk top system. I have a home network set up with 2 Windows Vista laptops and 1 XP laptop al of which can see each other and also get to the interne through my router.'
On the Windows 7 system it cannot see the network nor cant see the internet even by iself . The windows 7 Pc has a connection Via cablefrom it tothe router. Any one please help this is very discouraging.
Similar problem

I have had problems much the same, what I found out today was looking in the advanced section of the network setup was to disconnect the password facility from the W7 pc then I was able to access the w7 from the other stations, i still have a slight problem . I cannot access My Documents from the other stations. I can see video , pictures, music.
Let me know if you can improve on this topic.
Look under your device manager from what you say it seems that you do not have the drivers for your ethernet controller.
A number of things you need to know

Hey "leoleav"
It took me 3 days to work on the bugs and get my system functioning the way I need/desire it to work.

  1. The first thing I did was to Setup the Computer name and Workgroup for my home network (All your systems).
  2. Next, Set up your User for each Computer on your network, ( "RUN"(or the Search box in Vista & Win7) > "CMD" > "Control Userpasswords2" > "Advanced Tab" > "Manage Passwords" button (Windows XP to this point) (Vista and Win7 you can go to CP-All Items and hit the "Credential Manager" link) > "Windows Credentials" or "Generic Credentials" fill in the form box's properly.
  3. Then go to every Drive, Folder, File and/or media shares you want accessible and right click "Sharing and Security" (in WinXP) or "Share with" and make your selection to share.
  4. Then test your access, you may need to reboot, depending on protocols and driver settings.
"one other thing I did", I disabled the IPv6 Network drivers, to limit the problems with my hardware. Hope this Image helps you understand what I mean. This is just for starters.
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