Windows7 Password Reset (Location of Registry/SAM?)


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So it seems like windows 7 corrupted the password I set for the admin account because it did not work. Probably because I set the password then set it up to do automatic login using the 'control userpasswords2' command. So now i am using a vista password cracker but it can't seem to find the registry? It states it is in winnt/system32/config but when i type that in, it does not find it. is the registrysam file in a different location? If so can someone please list it here? Thanks so much in advance...


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Windows 7 64 bit (should be the same for 32 bit)

Admin rights required

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Are you using OPHCrack?
Works for me (Or well, worked. Back on 6801. Give it a try, use the Vista one)


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OPHcrack doesn't work for me as well

It displays:

Tables found:

No partition containing hashes found !!

So I don't see how to reset admin password ??? any other way ?


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Too bad, I got into this kind of trouble after the New Year holiday .
But it is easy to solve it,Google helps a lot,it recommended this to me, linked here.
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When i was a Windows 10 user,i had a similar problem with my computer, but as i know,the solution is similar for both Windows 7 and Windows 10
Step 1:Restart your Windows pc,wait until login screen appear
Step 2:press the Shift key 5 times to enable super administrator account
Step 3:Enter into your computer using the SAC account and head to Control Panel
Step 4:Change the login password and save the changes.
Reboot and login the locked computer with the new password,or download it.
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