Windows7 reboots when I try to maximize you tube videos or games on FB

Hello everyone, I just joined today. I didn't know who to ask or where to go to get info on Windows 7 so I thought I'd try here. I am no computer genius and I need help. I recently had Windows 7 installed on my PC and now I when I try to maximize a video on You Tube or a game on FB my computer reboots. I do not get an error , but it goes to the black screen where it says "Reboot Window Normal, Safe mode, etc... If anyone knows what the problem could be I would be sincerely grateful. Thank you and have a great day!! :)


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Sounds like the system may actually be producing a blue screen error and then spontaneously rebooting as a result of the check box located here (see attachment).
advanced system settings
into the search box and hit enter and uncheck the box.
Check the C:\windows\minidump folder for files with the .dmp file extension. Then read the following sticky posts in the root of the BSOD forum as they apply to getting help on BSODs. make sure to follow the instruction regarding right click->run as administrator. make sure to follow the instructions regarding all SPD tabs for CPUz and zipping up the the exported HTML report from RAMMon.
Keep us posted and
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Ok Problem, I tried what you told me and now I get the blue screen. :sosad:

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