windows7 retail full or upgrade version from xp

my question is will windows7 upgrade (not the full) will it do like xp upgrade when i load it onto a new hard drive, i put in xp and it runs a short bit then it will ask me for my prefevious version windows, so i put in like windows2000 disk, it checks it, then it asks for the xp upgrade disk again and completes the clean install on a new drive that has never had software on it.
Will the windows7 upgrade do like XP, or will it need the xp software already loaded on the drive to check it and move forward from there.
my point it here its to buy the upgrade for half the price of full version, if the upgrade will do like xp, and you get a clean install on a new hard drive without ever having to load xp first and can just pop in my xp disk to prove i am upgrading.
i hope i made this understandable, i almost got confused writing it. lol


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As far as I know, the answer to your question is the Win 7 upgrade will not work the way the XP upgrade did. A valid copy will not be an option to put in a drive to verify ownership. So yes, it appears you will need a valid, installed (and probably activated) version of the previous operating system.

Be advised, the previous OS will be deactivated and not allowed to be reactivated, or so I understand.

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