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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are pleased to announce the integration of v1.0.2 of our Facebook App integration. The application allows you to browse the website entirely from within Facebook. The current revision contains the following fixes and enhancements:

  • "View" dropdown on Explore tab has numbers in it.
  • Error messages when viewing a thread in IE8.
  • Invalid SQL
  • Unregistered/Not logged in users generate fatal errors.
  • No forum rules indoctrination screen and confirmation before registering
  • Error message on 3.x
  • Clicking a thread title leads to the beginning of the thread instead of to the first unread post
  • Poll improvements
  • Photos on category_list.php ad line are not hidden correctly
  • Experiencing a loading problem in IE8
  • Attachments in threads only visable when you are logged out in 3.x
  • Problems with Polls in 3.x
  • Foreign Characters "Return no results" in 3.x
  • Reply to thread with an attachment on the web interface, attachment doesnt appear on the app in 3.x
  • Create Thread Box Is Always Open
  • Error after clicking on link
  • HTML thread prefixes overlap thread title and remove all formatting from thread title
  • Facebook App does not load in Opera
  • Implement Photos for 3.x
  • Integrate "FB LIKE/SEND" plugin/button into App
  • Polls are missing from threads
  • Attachments that aren't inserted inline are missing
  • vBulletin Facebook App automatic change links in Articles to vb:content/r=27
  • When Poll option is too long the poll results dont line up properly in 3.x
  • Forum rules layout is incorrect in 3.x
  • Issue when using a URL as a Thread title on 3.x
  • Photos going outside of boarder
  • Link to post from quote links to actual forum
  • Links to site within a post are broken
  • Foreign characters not appearing correctly in IE8
  • Forum category text color not changable
  • Guest posts have a link to blank profile
  • All third page content needs to have the width protection javascript, not just threads
  • Color customization of text in forums.php is not applied in the app
  • Notices error messages with 'color' index
  • API Client should follow one level of 301 redirects to solve common vBSEO error
  • Custom CSS in client apps overwrites button text color
  • Links from facebook feed's adding a unneeded 'fb' to the link
  • Sub-forums are missing from forum display
  • When showing thread in any view; don't hide the POST REPLY editor box/container in the bottom
  • Publisher preview ad spot rescale the page incorrectly in IE8
  • When searching for a keyword that is too short the error message should say "search keyword too short" instead of "Returned no Results" on 3.x
  • No way to change "Forums" wording on forum tab
  • Text Box is white and text being typed is white
  • Unviewable options can be selected from drop-down menus

Expect major improvements to this product over the coming months to enhance stability, reliability, and features. Thank you for your viewership and participation in Windows 7 Forums. We are constantly working to improve your forum experience, communicating behind the scenes 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


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Thanks for the update, Mitch. More announcements to follow.

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