windowsblinds 7.4 on windows 7

i downloaded windows blinds to use the transparency interface, since i fadeup looking for WDDM driver for my Intel 915 chipset family. i did what i did because when it was XP the feature worked superbly! though, on windows 7 the interface is not working and the explorer window frames are still that annoying win basic theme. shall i abandon windows seven for this reason? cause i know i will be stuck with this PC for quite a long time! give me some productive thoughts will ya!:thumbs_up:



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Do you have aero enabled? What version of windows 7 are you using?

Do you have aero enabled? What version of windows 7 are you using?
Nope! as i told you my rig is an outdated intel 915 w/c is the last hardware which doesn't have aero, 945 has, i gave up on aero,though on XP it changes the visual style and give you the transparency like fade or something, true transparency do this but its a very bad software! i kind of hoped i got around seven about transparency BUT not only it prevents any sort of transparency but the window frames are still win basic! is there a requirement that says windows blinds will work only on aero enabled rigs? or you have a better solution?

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