WinFast ATA66 PATA PCI controller - CMD648

WinFast ATA66 PATA PCI controller with popular CMD648 chip. Win7, both x64 & x86 recognize the controller properly. The controller is connected with optical drive working normally in UDMA-2 mode. Unfortunately, the transfer is possible in PIO-4 mode only. How to set the higher modes of data transfer? The drivers for Win7 aren't available on the manufacturer's www page.


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The only place I know of is in the Device Manager for the IDE ATA controllers. There should be an advanced settings tab. Mine seem to be set automatically, so it probably depends on the driver and the Device to determine what type of options you have.

Where did you get your current drivers? Make sure if you are using the Windows 7 driver search that you let it update.

Have you checked for a firmware update for the controller or the Drive?

But there may not be a better driver. If you can't get one from the Manufacturer, and Windows 7 does not have one, you may be stuck. The only other option is on occasion third party vendors carry drivers, and doing a web search is about the only way to find those.

The controller was recognized properly and the windows native driver was installed. The device is marked as working properly. The system can't update the driver. The DMA option is disabled. There are no firmware updates for the drive and the controller. I have not found anything on the network.

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