Wininet function HttpsendRequest met error in windows 7

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    Hi All,

    I met a problem about Wininet function Httpsendrequest() failed on Windows 7 OS.

    OS Version, Windows 7 Ultimate

    My application was running under eclipse environment. see attached picture for details.
    eclipse.exe->notes2w.exe->nlnotes.exe->my application. in this case, HttpSendRequest() will return error.

    The error code and error messages are as following,
    // MessageId: SEC_E_SECPKG_NOT_FOUND
    // MessageText:
    // The requested security package does not exist
    #define SEC_E_SECPKG_NOT_FOUND ((HRESULT)0x80090305L)

    I searched the internet for this error, did not find any useful informations. Does anybody here can give me some advice.
    Thanks in advance.

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